VIDEO: Unifeeder’s Managing Director Shares Maritime Insights on ConnectX Debut

In a groundbreaking premiere of ConnectX, our debut episode explores the world of shipping and logistics with a special interview featuring Mr. Marius Gomez, the seasoned Managing Director of Unifeeder Lanka Pvt Ltd. With a remarkable career spanning since 1981 and numerous key roles under his belt, Mr. Gomez stands as a stalwart in the shipping industry.

Unifeeder, a global leader in feeder services and recognized as one of the top two in the world, is a longstanding partner of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Their commitment extends to providing customers with comprehensive multimodal door-to-door logistic services, seamlessly integrating road, rail, and sea connections in Europe and India. Additionally, Unifeeder offers port-to-port containerized transport solutions across nations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, all while maintaining a focus on cost-effectiveness, operational excellence, and sustainable transport solutions.

In this inaugural episode, Mr. Gomez takes us on a journey through the rich history of Unifeeder, shedding light on the company’s enduring trade partnership with the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the pivotal port of Colombo. Emphasizing their commitment to progress, he divulges upcoming advancements in the industry that are positioned to shape the future of maritime logistics.

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