Port of Trincomalee Achieves Record-breaking Daily Discharge Rate

Despite numerous challenges, the dedicated staff at the Port of Trincomalee, under the management of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA), achieved an extraordinary milestone on April 24, 2023. They recorded the highest-ever daily discharge rate at the port for the vessel MV Jacob Oldendorff, which unloaded a total of 56,615 metric tons of coal. The team efficiently discharged 12,521 metric tons per day, surpassing an average of 10,000 metric tons per day.

The successful completion of the vessel’s operations earned the heartfelt appreciation of the consignee, Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited (INSEE). The consignee expressed gratitude for the staff’s unwavering dedication and their round-the-clock, year-round efforts, which enabled the Port of Trincomalee to outshine other regional ports and reach new heights.

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