New Initiative to change perceptions on women in shipping

Project to showcase female involvement in industry over the centuries

A group of leading organisations within the maritime industry are collaborating on a project to highlight the activities undertaken by women in shipping over the past few centuries.

The ‘Rewriting women into maritime history’ project will collate the material that is spread across archives beginning within those in the City of London, and then expanding to the UK & Ireland, and internationally so that accounts of women in the shipping industry can be identified and placed in the public domain for the first time.

The extensive research and interpretation project will provide plenty of opportunities for organisations to be involved in outreach activities to engage a global audience. A key theme of the project is diversity, equality and inclusion. Through ensuring that forgotten voices are heard, stories generated by the project can highlight the many opportunities presented by a maritime career.

The objectives of the project are to hopefully raise the profile of female shipping expertise, experience and leadership from maritime past as well as helping reframe the narrative around women in maritime and help promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Other interested parties are invited to join the initiative, which will run over several years. Please register your interest here. 

Read the full press release here. 

Source: Lloyd’s Register Foundation

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