ConnectX by SLPA: Official Trailer

We are pleased to unveil the official trailer of ConnectX, an exciting new series of interviews featuring key stakeholders of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. With ConnectX, we embark on a journey to delve into the depths of our industry, providing an in-depth exploration of the Port of Colombo’s immense potential as a leading maritime hub. Through these engaging interviews, we aim to shed light on the intricate workings of the port, its significance in global trade, and the visionary strategies that drive its success. We invite viewers to join us on this captivating venture as we uncover the untold stories that shape the maritime landscape of Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for the premiere of our first episode, coming your way very soon!

ConnectX promises to be a riveting showcase of the Port of Colombo’s dynamic and influential role in the maritime world. As we bring together experts, leaders, and influencers in the industry, viewers will gain valuable insights into the complexities and potentialities that lie within our port’s operations. From trade routes and cargo handling to the latest technological advancements, ConnectX aims to inform, inspire, and highlight the key factors that drive Sri Lanka’s emergence as a major player in the global maritime scene. Join us as we set sail on this transformative journey of knowledge and exploration, and be ready to witness the remarkable stories that unfold in the first episode of ConnectX, arriving on your screens soon.

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