World’s largest boxship Ever Alot flagged

The Panama Ship Registry has added Evergreen vessel the Ever Alot to its fleet – the world’s biggest containership and the first to break the 24,000 teu mark.

The Ever Alot, launched at the end of June, surpassed the Ever Ace as the world’s largest containership and it belongs to Evergreen’s “A” Class, sailing mainly between Europe and Asia.

The vessel has impressive dimensions, with a length of 400 metres, a width of 61.5 metres -approximately the size of three and a half soccer fields- and a draught of 17 metres.

The Ever Alot incorporates gas treatment system for complying with pollutant gas emission limits, energy saving equipment and a bulb less bow design to reduce fuel consumption.

Panama has 18 of the world’s 20 largest container ships in terms of teu capacity. The first largest box ships sailing the seas, five from Evergreen, Ever Ace, Ever Aim, Ever Alot, Ever Alp and Ever Act, and five from MSC, MSC Gulsun, MSAC Samar, MSC Loni, MSC Mia and MSC Febe, total 2,343, 854 gt, and are all registered in Panama.

Source: seatrade-maritime

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