IMO’s Low Carbon GIA seeks new members

The IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 project is welcoming expressions of interest from maritime companies to be part of its Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA). The alliance, a public-private partnership, is particularly interested in hearing from potential new members located in developing countries and from currently under-represented sectors, in order to ensure that output is globally appropriate.

The Low Carbon GIA brings together maritime industry leaders with a view to develop innovative solutions that can support the sector to decarbonize. It aims to address common barriers to the uptake and implementation of energy efficiency technologies (EETs), alternative fuels and operational measures.

“Shipping’s green voyage must be global in nature, which is why we are particularly eager to speak with companies located in developing countries as well as specific sectors such as ports, terminals, dry bulk shipping, shipyards, charterers that are currently underrepresented in the GIA,” explains Astrid Dispert, GreenVoyage2050 Project Manager. “We want a wide array of experts so that our work is robust and is applicable to as many stakeholders as possible.”

The Low Carbon GIA currently has 14 member companies, including shipowners, ports, fuel suppliers, technology and data providers, and class societies. The GIA is committed to fostering dialogue across the industry and sharing learnings and experience to catalyze the transition towards a low carbon future.

Companies with demonstrated leadership and high-level commitment to addressing challenges related to maritime energy efficiency and the reduction of GHG emissions are invited to express their interest to become a member of the Low Carbon GIA by 30 June 2022 for a 1 January 2023 start.

Low Carbon GIA members are expected to contribute technically with their expertise for 25 days per year annually. The time will be spent on activities such as providing expert input to industry roundtable meetings, developing tools and co-drafting publications. Members must also pay the annual membership fee of US$20,000 which is used exclusively to fund Low Carbon GIA activities.

Low Carbon GIA activities to date include industry roundtables, development of guidance and tools to support uptake of EETs and operational measures, raising awareness of potential green solutions. The Low Carbon GIA is technology neutral and does not engage in commercial activities. Outputs developed by the Low Carbon GIA are, on a regular basis, reported to IMO bodies such as the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), for their information and action as appropriate.

Further information for applications can be found here.

Source: International Maritime Organisation


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