Welfare and wellbeing of seafarers

June 25 – Day of the Seafarer

Upon taking over his office, His Excellency The President Gotabaya Rajapaksa urged to rethink the functions of the public sector and the quality of the service for the general public. This programme, especially recognizes the seafarers who make a significant contribution to the national economy without costing the state treasurer. Therefore, the Merchant Shipping Secretariat in charge of their statutory administration has launched a system of providing a 24 hour service without the arrival of stakeholders using an online mechanism to render its services.

Furthermore, arrangements have been made to modernize the courses at Mahapola Ports and Martime Academy and to expand the theoretical and practical training to create foreign revenue earning employment opportunities for the participants. Initial steps have already been taken to establish a social security mechanism to ensure the future welfare and wellbeing of these seafarers who work mainly on contractual basis’.

With the guidance of The Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Johnston Fernando, I am happy to announce that a 3 tier programme has been launched to provide apprenticeships, quality services to the seafarers and formulate a social security programme for the seafaring fraternity.

I take this opportunity to join hands with the Hon. Minister, Director General of Merchant Shipping and the local and global seafaring community to identify them as key workers following this year’s theme. I wish you all the very best.

Mr. Priyantha Mayadunne
Ministry of Ports and Shipping


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